Friday, July 12, 2013

Drew Webber...

Picture this...
     Kit McFarlan is working to keep a business afloat after her deceased grandmother took out a loan. And who walks in the door? The most drool-worthy man she’s ever seen. But this isn’t just any man. This world famous travel journalist is so charming he wins a smile when Kit would rather be home writing her novel than running the pet spa.
     But things get worse...Drew Webber isn’t alone.
     He’s brought the dreaded Samson with him. A three pound terror Kit can’t stand. But that’s not all. Drew Webber is the nephew of the heiress who loaned her grandmother the money for the spa. And he wants Kit to ‘dog-sit’ Samson while he goes to the hospital to visit his aunt.
     Drew is so relieved to get rid of the nasty little mutt, he’s almost looking forward to visiting a hospital. Kit McFarlan’s shocked expression was a photo-worthy moment if he’s ever seen one. But she makes his curious, too. Why would someone looking like Kit spend her days washing smelly dogs?
     But none of those thoughts can distract Drew from the dread building inside him. How serious is his aunt’s condition?

Monday, April 8, 2013

Kit McFarlan

     Kit McFarlan isn’t any different from other young women her age. She has dreams, secretly yearns for someone to love and hides her deepest secret.
     Much as she loves the grandmother who raised her, Kit longs for a life very different from the Powdered & Puffed pet spa. Kit dreams of being a writer.
     And that is the reason for her heavy load of guilt and regret.
     Her grandmother was always there for Kit when her parents shrugged off their parental responsibilities and traveled the world. Granny loved her. Granny started the pet spa, kept the business going even when she should have retired, to make sure they had financial security.
     Respect and appreciation demanded Kit assist in the spa after her graduation. But she hates the smell of wet dog and mountains of dog hair covering everything. Kit wants to lose herself in the world she is creating on the page and pursue her dreams of becoming a published writer.
     Regret almost chokes off every breath she takes. Because the morning her grandmother died at the spa. Kit was home, writing.  

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

New cover...

Samson was very disappointed when his story was overlooked by romance readers looking for Valentine stories so we gave him an new look.

This is a love story...a story of growth and discovery...and learning what is important.

While young readers will like the dog tales, mature readers will enjoy the antics of two adults trying to avoid commitment.

Samson likes his new look. Hope you do as well.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Samson's return...

   Samson, our little cupid dog, is too busy traveling to stop by these days. He...and the pages he appears on, winged their way to London in a new submission.
    I had a huge debate with myself over this move...but since there are few comments about Samson and I dream of being published by Harlequin, I sent him away.
    It's a long wait...but I can entice you with some of Samson's antics.
The first, through no fault of his own, Samson was mistaken for a pile of rubbish and labeled a fire hazard. Let me tell you, fur did fly. And not Samson's. But I'd better stop...
Two, he is innocently sleeping in his tote, not bothering a soul...when...something startles him. He snarls, the heroine jumps and lets out a shriek, sending her hair clippers right--
You know what...I think I'd better keep a few secrets.

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In the meantime, while my other novels don't feature a darling pooch like Samson, you might like to read
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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Moving on...

    I stumbled on a review of WHEN A DOG PLAYS CUPID that I really opened my eyes.
It was a good review, one I quite enjoyed, but readers don't always understand why a book is crafted as it is. For example, I've read comments about this book being a romance without sex...'s true. This book was aimed for a publisher that didn't allow sex scenes in their publications. I enjoy writing sexual tension and not including the act, so it was a good fit.
    What didn't work for the publisher...the funeral home references...I refused to remove from this story. Why? Why not discard these scenes and reshape the story to the publisher's wishes? Because I wrote this story after my mother died. I was in pain and searching for ways to work through my grief. Writing helped, but I needed humor to cheer me up.
    Now, I ask you, what is any funnier, cuter, or more amusing than watching a tiny mutt act like a terror? Can't you just see him barking so hard he bounces off the floor? Did you laugh when he snarled at Kit's best friend and snapped at her hand?
     I did. Maybe it's just my sense of humor, but when I laughed...I felt better.
     Isn't that why we escape. To leave worries behind. To find a safe place? I always keep a book close by, how about you?
    So, many thanks for the 'Paws Up' review. Yes the book is clean...but since I always shared my books with my mother, that's the kind of book I like to read. In the end, what you read is your choice. Just keep reading.
    Life is short. Read all the books you can squeeze in!


Sunday, June 10, 2012

Why I admire my father...

     Another Father's Day rolls around, without my dad. Ours was a very traditional family, with my mother making sure my father was the center. We loved him, feared him, admired him and stood in awe of him.
     My dad was a WWII veteran, a son, brother, uncle, farmer, inventor, an entrepreneur, a church member, loving husband and so much more, all wrapped into one word, father. A strict disciplinarian, he set high expectations for the four of us and taught us the meaning of working for our goals and dreams. We followed firm rules, worked hard and played together. I will always be grateful for my parents and all they taught us.
     I consider myself very fortunate to have a husband who is a great father, too. A veteran like my dad, which I mention because I think it affects their outlook on discipline, my husband's generation has fewer rough edges than my dad's.
     I can't write a Father's Day post without saying how lucky our sons were to have their father. He's loving, caring, dedicated to his family and a role model I'm proud to call husband.
     There's one more father I want to mention. Our oldest son, father of our precious new grandson. In our son, I see all the loving qualities of his father. Any father of a growing child faces challenges, but from his actions so far, we're certain our son will make the right decisions.
     So...with a tear in my eye and a heart full of love, I remember my dad and wish my husband and son a HAPPY FATHER'S DAY.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Why I admire Steve Jobs and my mother...

   I'll get to why I admire my father, later.
   My first experience with computers was with the Apple IIe in my Career Explorations classroom. I looked at that shiny red apple emblem and thought I had gone to Heaven. For the first time, all those lessons my typing teacher drilled in my head were put to use. I could type and remove mistakes. I was thrilled.
   Not only the machines, but I was using Steve J. and Steve W. as examples in the Career class. I read the details of their work in a garage and how they struggled to make their dream a reality. I used the details to inspire my students to pursue their interests.
   We bought an Apple IIGS at home. I thought the keyboard was the cutest thing I'd every seen. But, alas, along comes Tandy with a PC that's all one seperate keyboard, monitor, or processor and soon, Apple computers weren't replaced with newer models. Steve Jobs' name appeared in class presentations less often. It seemed Apple computer company had disappeared.
   Behind the scenes in the business world, Steve Jobs never gave up. We have proof of that today. His story is more inspiring than ever. Why? Because he had faith in himself. In his product. In his ability. He proved this to the world. He never quit.
   That's why I admire my mother's efforts so much. Things I never considered as a child are evident, now. The challenges my mother faced weren't as huge as those faced by big business, but to our family, to my father, her unfailing support meant everything.
   I wish I had realized all this while she was living.
We rarely get a chance to thank those who influence us most while they are alive. I thanked my mother for some of the things she did, but as time passes, as memories surface, I realize each day how much I owe her my thanks. My love. My respect.
   You see, like Steve Jobs, my mother never quit. Through snow storms and baking summer heat, she worked along side my father to support her family. I never realized all she did until now. It's her grit that keeps me going when a rejection letter arrives in the mail. She never quit. How can I?
    Steve Jobs made many of our tasks easier to accomplish because he never quit. My mother's determination reminds me every day to work hard for goals I want to achieve. Failure is not an option. If one idea doesn't work, try another angle.
    I never met Steve Jobs, but he changed our lives, changed the world.
    My mother changed my life and helped shape my world. Thanks to her love and perseverence, I learned the skills I need to pursue my dreams and use the tools Steve Jobs and Apple, and by their challenge, other companies created.
    I admire my mother and Steve Jobs for never giving up.
    As a writer...these two people are the good examples of great role models. How about you? Who do you admire?